AddRobots MCU

Build Instructions

The project is a Kinetis Design Studio 3.x project (KDS 3.2.0)

It takes advantage of the following projects:

Install the tools from these projects into KDS, and then open the project. Then select Generate Processor Expert Code and that will generate code from the Process Expoert Beans. The project is likely in Build Automatically mode which means the project will build all the code. If it's not, then select Build Project. There will be a debug/run configuration called addrobots_mcu (OpenOCD KL22F) (release) that should run the code. It's a CMSIS/DAP program/run setup, so if there's compatible device on the USB bus, the IDE will program it and then run/debug the code.

Project Improvements & Goals

NXP bought Freescale in 2016, and they soon deprecated KDS. They replaced it with a new IDE, MCU Xpresso that's not quite ready for a port of this project. It may be possible to bring Processor Expert into an Eclipse Neon version of MCU Xpresso: