AddRobots Protocol Buffers

Message Processing

The addrobots_proto repo contains the protocol buffer message definitions. We process the raw proto files into code using the protoc command.

Code Generation

We generate and commit the message source code to the repo, so you usually don't need to do this unless you're changing the message prototype files.

Build script

There is a build script that runs all of the below message code generation. You can still do this by-hand using the sections below this one, or you can run the command:

> cd ~/git/addrobots_proto/

> ./

This will generate all of the message source code and copy it into the right places.


The protoc command comes from the Google github repo: How you build and install protoc is dependent on you. The commands below are correct for protoc v3.3.1.

NanoPB (protoc for embedded)

In order to generate embedded C message code below, we need to use the NanoPB project: Once you check out this repo, execute the following commands to generate the distribution version:

> cd ~/git/nanopb

> ./tools/ (where XXX is [linux, mac or windows])

This will create a release directory in the NanoPB project's dist folder. Use the path to the created sub-folder in the commands below.

Generate source code

Java/Kotlin message generation

> cd ~/git/addrobots_proto/

> protoc --proto_path=./SourceMessages/ --java_out=./Production/Java/ ./SourceMessages/VehicleMsg.proto

> protoc --proto_path=./SourceMessages/ --java_out=./Production/Java/ ./SourceMessages/MotorMsg.proto

Javascript message generation

> cd ~/git/addrobots_proto/

> protoc --proto_path=./SourceMessages/ --js_out=import_style=commonjs,binary:./Production/Javascript/ ./SourceMessages/VehicleMsg.proto

> protoc --proto_path=./SourceMessages/ --js_out=import_style=commonjs,binary:./Production/Javascript/ ./SourceMessages/MotorMsg.proto

Python message generation

> cd ~/git/addrobots_proto/

> protoc --proto_path=./SourceMessages/ --python_out=./Production/Python/ ./SourceMessages/VehicleMsg.proto

> protoc --proto_path=./SourceMessages/ --python_out=./Production/Python/ ./SourceMessages/MotorMsg.proto

Embedded C message generation

> cd ~/git/addrobots_proto/Production

> protoc --plugin=nanopb=~/git/nanopb/dist/nanopb-0.3.8-28-g14efb1a-macosx-x86/generator/protoc-gen-nanopb --include_imports=~/git/nanopb/dist/nanopb-0.3.8-28-g14efb1a-macosx-x86/generator/proto/nanopb.proto --proto_path=../SourceMessages -o./MotorMsg.pb ../SourceMessages/MotorMsg.proto

> python ~/git/nanopb/dist/nanopb-0.3.8-28-g14efb1a-macosx-x86/generator/ -f ../SourceMessages/MotorMsg.options --output-dir=../Production/NanoPB MotorMsg.pb

NanoPB Dist Folder Version

The reason for using the version in the dist folder is because we generated them using protoc v3.3.2 (locally) to support the proto3 keyword in nanopb. At the moment (25JUL17) the NanoPB project does not support the proto3 keyword in the default release code.