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The Project Repos


The core protocol buffer message definitions. it also includes the top-level project documentation. (For convenience, this project also includes the high-level commands, encoded as protocol buffers, for the reference application.)


A Firebase + ReactJS webapp that acts as a vehicle control console for the reference application.


An Android background service that tracks and controls the motors over the USB bus. It provides a simple message-passing API so that any high-level application (that has permission) can control the motors.


The android "vehicle control unit" reference application that combines drive logic with a PID loop that uses local sensor data, such as OpenCV, Firebase messaging, addrobots_service, and the local IMU.


An ARM CortexM4 based motor controller firmware that encodes/decodes the USB commands, drives the motor controller ICs, controls the PMIC, and collects/sends any sensor data (rotary encoder, PMIC values, etc).


The PCB designs for the motor control boards that physically attach to the motor.